Animation comes from the Latin word “ANIMA” that means breathe or spirit.






A term widely denotes the modern media world Animation to simplify is a pretention of movement of still objects or pictures to the human vision.

Animators are the people who create this illusion of animation sequentially arranging the still objects or pictures. Generally any analog media for example- a flip book, a motion picture film, a video tape etc.



Styles are generally subdivided for easier understanding. Therefore these different styles of are:-

A             Traditional

B             Stop Motion

C             Computer

D             Mechanical



The traditional animation found its beginning in films of 20th century. Traditional is also known as cels because of the cels papers or transparent papers used in the process. Hand drawn is also another name of traditional, much easier to understand.

Rostrum cameras sequentially presented the hand drawn cels papers with minute difference from each other, creating the illusive effect. Example as Pinocchio short movie.



A physical process that manipulate real objects and photograph that manipulation sequentially to

create illusion of movement.

We have now many kinds of stop motion techniques. A variety of computers are there to perform such kind of task. So when it comes to the money perspective, the traditional stop motion is rather less expensive but a time consuming process in comparison to the modern techniques.



Computer is the basic requirement to create any form of digital illusion. There are two processes

that are used to create digital animation known as 2D and 3D.

2D uses sequential image manipulation to create animation. 3D on the other hand uses virtually built world in which character and objects move to create illusion that seems to be real.


Mechanical uses mechatronics to perform such kind of task. Mechatronics is a combination of mechanical and electronic technology that can create such output.

Puppetry is an ancient form of this type of animation that includes direct control on puppets.



With the change and rapid progress of time there has been a vast development in the world.  Hence, these significant changes have been discussed in the paragraphs above.

The outcome of these changes has henceforth brought breathtaking results in the visual world of multimedia,

furthermore worldwide recognition has also come hand in hand with the progress. Consequently animated films have got their place in the national award in many countries and academy awards.



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