World of Tanks

World-of-Tanks-1, World of Tanks
‘World of Tanks’ the name in itself reminds us of various dreams we had as a child, of driving tanks, firing shells, It has been almost two years now since I have been playing it. It feels like driving a beast, holding a death blow...
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Hockey in India

HOCKEY – A NATIONAL GAME OF INDIA OR A MYTH     We were all taught in schools that hockey is the national game of India. You can find it in any general knowledge book. But is it truth or myth. A query from a...
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Sports in India

Sports in India     Well, I am not going to mention about all kind of sports that are played in India because it is a broad area to describe but I will give an overview of it. India, A land of the diverse population...
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Animation history and Development

ANIMATION   INTRODUCTION:- Animation comes from the Latin word “ANIMA” that means breathe or spirit.   DESCRIPTION:-     A term widely denotes the modern media world Animation to simplify is a pretention of movement of still objects or pictures to the human vision. Animators...
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